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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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an eastest surprise not in a good way. what happened after a woman says she found razor blades in her store-bought easter grass. >> this disturbing especially with little kids. >> racial slurs spray painted in a place where children play. a change is about to blow in. the cooler and windier details in your forecast. abc7~news at 6:00 starts now. >> thank you for joining us. a woman in the east bay brought
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packages of easter grass and got an unwelcome surprise. you can see she found razor blades inside. lilian kim is live at the dollar tree store on railroad road in livermore with new details on the story. >> reporter: eric, this where is the woman bought the easter grass and last we check the passages are still for sale. melissa meier says she bought a few bags from the livermore dollar tree store, and when she dumped out the bag of pink grass, two small razor blade fell out. the says the bag was not torn or ripped before she opened it. officers took a report but never went further because thigh don't believe this is a criminal matter. and they told her to contact the dollar tree, choo would be responsible for getting ahold of the manufacturer. the bags say body made in china." employees toll us they removed all the pink easter grass from the shelves bull still selling the yellow version.
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they said none of the bags appear to have any blades in. efforts to reach the corporate office were unsuccessful so no answer as to how the razor blades made their way inside the package. a scary discovery for one dollar tree thank you. er. -- doctor tree customer. >> breaking news, crash involving several cars has left one person dead. the appeared happened on guerrero street between 18th 18th street and 18th street. guerrero street is closed so police can conduct their investigation. we'll have more information on this newscast and throughout twitter, follow abc7~news bay area. >> happening now, san francisco police are asking for your help in finding this man. 57-year-old perez reyes, a resident of anchorage, alaska. he has the mental capacity of a six-year-old and speaks limited english help was visiting the city with his caregiver when she left perez with her boyfriend to
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attend a funeral. both men disappeared and have not been seen since. developing news now in the east bay where police are investigating the incident of ri found in the city of san leandro this morning. this morning police officer discovered racial slurs on a wall at marina parker in a playground. we just spoke with officers and they are concerned. >> reporter: they are concerned, although they do not believe these two incidents are related. a couple weeks ago there was white power found on the school district office doors. this time they believe that a gang is involved and are asking the public for help. >> kids play by the amphitheater at san leandro's marina park on easter sunday. under a new coat of paint, graffiti and racial slurs directed at hispanics and african-americans. here's some pictures posted on twister. police say someone vandalized the park last night.
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>> called our city graffiti cleanup team to come out. we didn't want the park to have that image. that's not the inning of san leandro. >> not only is the graffiti inoffensive. investigators say it's gang relate. the number 14 used in a drawing is connected to one gang. >> the graffiti itself was done by a hayward based gang and our investigators are looking into the possibility of who the suspects in this case could be right now. we do not believe is the a supremist gang. >> it's disturbing with little kids. it's not -- i don't think they should be doing this when there's kids and it's a public play. not supposed to show that to little kid,. >> reporter: police are asking the public for help to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious. abc7~news. >> firefighters freed a young
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construction worker who was trapped in a trench in oakland today. the ground gave way under him at 17th avenue and east 20th 20th street. we were in oaklan as firefighters shored up the trench before they could rescue the worker. he was pinned under two concrete slabs. they were able to communicate during the rescue to find out exactly where he was. the 17-year-old went to highland hospital. he is expected to be okay. abc7~news learned uc berkeley's chancellor will appoint a long-time cal faculty member to deal with high profile incidents of sex aisle hard harassment and solid. she is the dean of the social sciences department and the executive dean of the college of letters letters letters and science. this month two cal staffers were accused of sexual harassment. 31 female students have filed federal complaints accusing the university of failing to protect them against harassment and assault. quality testing will begin
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tomorrow on the catch of dungeness crab. the ban was lift this weekend after higher than normal levels of the acid delayed the opening of commercial crab season. tomorrow fishermen will look at the quality of the crab collected and that will help determine the price per pound and determine whether fishermen will go out and deploy these crab traps. there are concerns this year that the catch has gone soft because it's so late in the season. others say the delay in fishing have given the crab time to fatten up. we're tracking a change in the weather to start the work week. a live look right now our mount tam camera where you can see the trees moving a little bit and a long way. the winds are going to whip up tomorrow. meteorologist drew tuma has more. >> the winds are picking up as we speak. live look outside from our sutro tower camera showing you the beautiful bay area. high collides -- high clouds and
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the cameras are shaking. winds gust dog 36 miles-per-hour at sfo. 26 miles-per-hour at half moon bay. 23 miles-per-hour at san carlos. fairfield has a wind gust of 20 miles-per-hour. and overnight tonight, the winds are going to shift from the west to the north and that northerly wind is going to drag in some much cooler air into the bare area. overnight, going to get rather chilly. napa fall fog 40 overnight. 44 in san jose, and overnight, 46 in oakland. these are your start starting temperatures. along with the cooler temperatures future tracker wind gusts show you it is going to be a windy start to your monday. winds gusting from 24 to 34 miles-per-hour and the winds will strengthen in the afternoon. we'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast coming up. >> a danger on your desk. still ahead at 6:00, major retailer re-calling thousands of popular lamps.
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plus, super size, super bowl souvenir. how to get your hands on a big memento to the game. the magic behind this major -- magic carpet ride through san francisco. abc7 continues in a few moments.
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>> ikea is re-calling a popular lamp because of a safety hazard. the gotham lamp comes in three sizes. the cables inside are potentially damaged and could cause an electric shock. you can return them to any ikea store for a refund and you don't need a receipt. if you missed out on picking up a souvenir during the super bow 50 celebration you're in luck because one san francisco company has the ultimate prize for you. one of the 50s from super bowl city could be yours for a starting bid of $3,000. construction company building resources in the bay view picked it up after the celebration. they were told they could do whatever they wanted with it by the host committee so they're putting it up to sale for whoever wants a 12-foot tall 50
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as part of their personal collection. >> a great gag gift if someone is turning 50. have that -- have you open up your front door and there it is in your driveway, like, wow, honey, thanks. >> the 50 is made of plywood suitable for wet weather and laminated in gold. it's a san francisco easter tradition. up next at 6:00, we'll take you to union street for the big celebration. a live look outside as we track the winds of change. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the windy forecast. i'm rick quan in sports we'll show you how the warriors are doing against the sixers, and with a trip to the final four on the line. stanford is caught flat-footed
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an easter san francisco tradition celebrated a quarter century of happiness today. abc7~news was on union street today where big crowd jammed the seahawks for the easter egg parade and spring celebration. known that's biggest little parade in the city. also free music, easter events for the children and plenty of food to go around. a hit movie from a parent company disney was recreated in san francisco. a man dressed as aladdin flew on what looked like a magic carpet. youtube shared the video with us. aladdin visited all the cities well-known landmarks on his way to pick up princess jasmin. the magic carpet is on top of motorized electric skateboard them animalmakers assure us no one was hurt in the making of
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this video. i hope that's one of those skateboards that doesn't have any problem charging. right? meteorologist drew tuma is here with a look at our forecast, and the winds of change on the way. >> they are. it's breezy right now. and going to turn windy on monday. live doppler 7hd right now, we do have high clouds but right now live doppler 7hd is rain-free. so outside on this sunday evening. a live look from the east bay hills camera. a fair amount of sunshine early ton today but high clouds are streaming in from the north, and it's all associated with the weak brian moving through and that's going to reinforce the cool air. so breezy and chilly monday morning, monday, we'll have a gusty breeze and at times anywhere from 20 to 40 miles-per-hour, and then next seven days, look at that, rather dry pattern setting up, which is not good news for allergy sufferers because tree pollen hat high levels. the main offenders, oak, juniper and cedar. we need a good storm to wash out
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the air and lower the pollen. not going to happen in the next week elm uv index is high. the sun angle, you can burn in less than 30 minutes. rights now, 36 the current wind gusts at sfo, 23 san carlos, haywards, 21, and this breeze has certainly cooled us off compared to yesterday. look at the 24-hour temperature change in antioch. you're 11 degrees cooler today than you were this time yesterday. five degrees cooler in oakland and mountain view and livermore. ten degrees cooler over the past 24 hours. current numbers out there, 57 in san francisco, 62 in oakland. oakland, this time yesterday, you were in the 70s. 58 in fremont, 61 san jose, antioch, 64. so on live doppler 7hd, along with satellite, we're tracking a pair another features. the line of cloud cover across the bay area is a cold front,
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brought cooler temperatures today and the breezy conditions. behind it you see the swirl to the east of seattle. that's an area of low pressure going to sink to the south over the next 24 hours, reinforce our cooler air and strengthen our breeze across the region. overnight tonight, that breeze is going to cool us off rather rapidly. under clear skies we'll drop to 40 in napa, 57 overnight in san francisco -- 47 overnight in san francisco. tomorrow, couple layers not a bad idea. you're wind breaker is your best friend because future tracker wind gs show you tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the morning, the northerly wind between 24 and 34 miles-per-hour with strengthen in the afternoon. not out of the question, right along the immediate coastline for the winds to gust close to 40 miles-per-hour. around the bay that wind will gust between 20 and 30 miles-per-hour. so, that's going to create a cool day on the way for monday. we'll call it mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies in the south
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bay tomorrow, with that breeze. 64 the high in san jose. milpitas, 64 in santa clara. windy on the coast. 56 in pacifica. downtown san francisco tomorrow, 61. 57 for daly city. north bay, 65 novato. 63 vallejo. east bay, cool and breezy. 64 oakland. 65 union city. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you what is a gusty breeze around here tomorrow, tuesday. the wind begins to relax, a few clouds on wednesday ask then turning milder. by thursday and friday, we're sun soaked and warm afternoon with total sunshine next weekend. but unfortunately, now allergy suffers want a break but no rain to help them out. >> so sun soaked and pollen soaked. i. >> yes. >> let's look at sports. see what rick quan has for us.
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>> no holiday for the warriors, hosting the sixers, this mom and son celebrated by going tout oracle. klay thompson swoop citizen for the rebound and scores. philly has the worst record in the lead but kept it close until mid-way in second. that was karl landry. then golden state woke up. draymond green with the three. at the half the warriors lead 71-55. the clippers have clinched a playoff spot by beating denver. jordan is a force to be reckoned with. after blocking the shot he races downcourt is and there is for the alley-oop. jordan, 16 points, 16 rebounds and six blocked shots. chris paul had 14 as the clips win, the fourth western conference team to earn a playoff berth.
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the stanford women's basketball team could win a trip to the final four if they beat washington. washington jumped tout a 12-0 lead as chantel osahor was hot from outside. forget style. she throws it in. 24 points and 18 rebound. stanford tries to rally behind lilly thompson and erica mccall are but the cardinal just couldn't get over the hump they cut the lead to five but kelsy plum buts it away. washington wins. this will be the huskies in p first trip to the final four where they face syracuse. >> a very young team i hope will learn a lot from this experience, and we know how fortune we for be here. we're disappointed but hopefully that will energy people to be more skilled basketball players. >> i think they came out with more energy than us the first
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few possessions they put they're heads down, were agrees and if and came out and -- aggressive and threw the first punch. >> today is buster poseys birthday but it wasn't all happy. he had tightness in his hip and was late scratch. san francisco got off to a good start against the white sox. the single brings home instanter pence. chicago trailed 5 or after two but came back to win. former giant travis ishikawa delivers the two-run bomb in the seventh. 13-9 was the final. ishikawa went 3-5, with five rbi. the a's hammered kansas city. chris coghlan with the two-run blast in the first. then in the second, lowrie connectors for his first home of the spring. 3-0 oakland. kendall graveman aloud one run, struck out six. the a's cruise to the 10-1 victory. >> the cubs lost to the mariners
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but what stung jason hey wedder war a swarm of beads. he had to climb the fence. the game was delayed for more than five minutes. hayward said he was stung ten times on his fake and neck but fortunately is not allergic to bee strings. >> jason day had a bet dare. outlasting rory mcilroy. then in the finals the world's new number one player dominated louis oosthuizen. day took the lead with the birdie on 4 and then pulled away. day closest out the match on 14 after making this great approach. he wins the hole and the match, 5 and 4. the biggest margin of victory in a title match since 2008. the men's ncaa tournament, syracuse rallied from 16 down to upset top seed virginia in the midwest regional. 68-62. the orange is going to the final four in houston. it will play either north carolina or notre dame.
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big day in sports. >> good thing his bracket is already ruined. >> didn't even try this year. >> the critics didn't like it but what did moviegoers think? batman versus
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>> join us tonight on kofy tv 20. the annual big wheel race. then at 11:00 here on channel 7 she outpour offering support in pakistan for victims of the terrorist attacks today. all these people want to donate their blood to help. that's tonight at 11:00. at the box office, moviegoers ignored the reviews and went for the super hero showdown. critics were hard on batman versus superman dawn of justice but had the sixth best weekends opening of our time, bringing in
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$170 million. "zootopia," the film from disney, our parent company, came in distant second, followed by my big fat agreeing wedding 2 and miracles from heaven. the divergent series rounding out the top five. we sure appreciate the easter photos you have shared with us on social immediata. here's a look at just a few of the pictures that came into the newsroom today. lots of egg hunts and children wearing bunny ears. share your fun easter events with us on social media using the hash tag "abc7now." and trust me when i tell you you haven't lived until you have seen drew in bunny ears. >> you have to see eric in bunny ears. >> that's it for abc7~news at 6:00. city you at 9:00 and 11:00. for updates on any major story, download or abc7 news app and enable push alerts for immediate notification. have a good one.
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>> it today on "matter of fact" ," he has met with isis and studied terrorists. what does this expert know that can stop terrorist in its tracks? >> there is not enough human intelligence for civilian contact. >> and beyond talking points. >> he has tons of personality. >> what does this campaign insiders see that we have been missing? he inherited the obamacare mess. has the president's health care crusader cleaned up the act? ♪ fernando po


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